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Our Work

Natural Healing Lotion

Counter Worthy Package Structure

Kao brands/Jergens contracted HD to transform the previous Curel structure into a premium design solution worthy of display. We accomplished this while still reflecting the brand’s equity of therapeutic and dermatologist recommended lotion.

The asymmetrical base further distinguishes the brand from all the other symmetrically shaped lotion bottles on the shelf.

Our Work
John Frieda

Luminous Color Glaze

Primary and Secondary Package Structure

Halter Design created a premium structure for LCG product while maintaining numerous manufacturing and product parameters. This stand-alone design preserved the overall look and feel of the John Frieda brand.

Our Work
John Frieda

Luminous Color Glaze

LCG Bottle Base

The LCG product emits gases requiring a specialized base or foot.  The standard approach is to create a base similar to soda bottles. By working with KAO package engineers we were able to develop a premium aesthetic while maintaining the necessary engineering and packaging criteria.

Our Work
Dayton Superior

ezBIT Anchoring System

3D Clamshell and drill bit case

Dayton Superior introduced a new carbide drill bit set requiring a self-standing clamshell package that clearly communicated product information as well as displayed the product.  HD developed a 3D CAD file taking the concept through to production.

The drill bit case was designed to reflect the hexagon-shaped Dayton Superior logo mark and to add an in-mold clip feature.

Our Work

Daily Recharging Lineup

Primary Structure Development

HD was asked to bring continuity to the Biore Daily Recharging brand by designing 3D structures for the entire line.  The challenge was to establish consistency despite various product forms.

We were able to create a consistent contour and overall look throughout the line.