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"Design That Works"

Increasing Value Density

We owe it to our customers, clients and to ourselves to add as much value as we can in what we do.

Providing Strong Value: I was impressed when I saw a behind the scenes special on Rick Steves. Rick Steves has a TV show on travel. I appreciate his show and I often catch myself stopping on his program during a channel surf and I wondered why. Well after seeing a special on how they create the program I understood immediately. Rick and two others who travel with him, a photographer and a writer meticulously comb over every word insuring that as much information and value is delivered to the viewing audience as possible. They not only discuss it but they also respectfully debate the content of the script. How many of us hear the promo/promise of some TV program or news story, stay up late and find out that it was hardly worth it? TV is disappointing when it comes to delivering value to our lives. I realize I am stating the obvious but that is what makes Rick Steves show stand out to me against the backdrop of frivolity.

How can we add tremendous value to what we do? First by taking the time to invite others into our work and truly be open to their input. Secondly, valuing our customers time and person. If we value them we will do all we can to respect them and the respect can be built into the products and services we design.